I help high-achieving women address hormone, thyroid and autoimmune issues- from fatigue, weight gain, memory, insomnia, fertility, bloating, hot flashes and more- so you can feel like yourself again.


Take back your health!

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Hi! I'm Laura Indigo...

I'm a Functional Nutrition Practitioner & Coach, and I love getting you great results by guiding you through my simple 4 step system:

1) Test, don't guess: gather objective data 

2) Reverse the Chronic Stress Cascade: reduce HIDDEN stressors

3) Reduce Symptoms: get you some quick wins!

4) Restore Wellness: take advantage of deeper healing opportunities found through testing

We create a plan, and I coach you through implementation of the plan, including any roadblocks that come up. 

It's that simple!


Initial Health Consultation

Together we review your health history for 60-90 minutes to create a complete picture of your health & wellness so far, and choose next steps to get you feeling like yourself again!

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3-6 Month Program 1:1

We begin by assessing your health through functional assessments & objective testing, then create a plan to reach your goals. We meet together 12 times over 3-6 months to coach you through your plan so you reduce symptoms and address deeper healing opportunities. 

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Who I help...

High-achieving women in their mid-30s and beyond, who feel off balance and want answers to their hormone issues, so they can increase fertility or reduce fatigue, bloating, hot flashes or weight, and are ready to take charge of their health & wellness 

Are you stressed, wired and tired, have insomnia or sleep issues? Struggle with fertility challenges? Sluggish with weight gain or difficulty losing weight? Anxiety? Worried about inheriting a family illness like diabetes, heart disease, or autoimmunity? Would you like to reduce your risk and increase your wellness? 

Maybe you've hit the Chronic Stress Cascade by working hard, going to school or raising kids, cutting corners in self-care for a few years, and it's catching up to you - you're realizing it's time to intercept this downward spiral and turn it into an upward one. You're in the right place! I specialize in helping motivated, high-achievers like you turn the corner with their health & wellness, so you can pay attention to specific nutrition & lifestyle choices that make a HUGE difference. 

I work with people like you every day to reverse the effects of the Chronic Stress Cascade & Restore Wellness, so you can create an upward spiral to balanced health & happiness, and feel like yourself again. 

   Is this you?

  • Fertility Challenges
  • Bloating or Digestive issues
  • Brain Fog or Not Thinking Clearly
  • Exhaustion, Fatigue, or Feeling Sluggish
  • Sleep Issues, Insomnia, or Waking up in the middle of the night 
  • Anxiety or Weight Gain

Then You’re In Luck!

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I can help you take charge of your wellness. 

My programs identify HIDDEN stressors in 7 major systems of the body, including Hormones, Immune, Digestion, Detoxification, Energy, Nervous System and Oxidative Stress. By identifying HIDDEN stressors we can reverse the Chronic Stress Cascade, and start to unwind the chaos occurring in your body that causes uncomfortable symptoms. As the chaos in your metabolism & entire body settles down, your symptoms begin to improve along with your motivation, as you feel the relief of turning the corner in your health, and restore feelings of balance and wellbeing.

If you've been unwittingly compromising your health without realizing it due to the circumstances of your life, I coach you through what's most important and what isn't, so you can take charge of your health and restore wellness. Say goodbye to guessing what's wrong! And say yes to taking action on healing opportunities revealed through Functional Testing & Assessments. I create protocols that address Diet / Food, Rest / Sleep, Exercise / Movement and Stress Reduction, so you know what steps will get you great results so you can feel like yourself again. 

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It all started when I was a teenager growing up on Martha's Vineyard and had unexplained fatigue, severe headaches, bloating & brain fog from undiagnosed Lyme. 

My Story

Discover how you can rebalance your body in just 4-6 months with my 1:1 Coaching Programs.

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Molly O, MA

Laura is incredibly knowledgeable & accessible.

I was recently talking with a friend who had seen a different functional nutritionist, and she was blown away by all the information, resources, action items and tangible results [a second pregnancy] I got from Laura, as compared to her experience. It is worth every penny. Thank you, Laura!

Sara T, MT

Laura was the first person that helped me see the big picture and integrate all aspects of my life to improve my health- this holistic view has been transformational. 

Before I started working with Laura, I was seeing multiple healthcare practitioners for adrenal & digestive issues and was feeling a bit lost. Laura was the first person that helped me see the big picture and integrate all aspects of my life together to improve my health- from my nervous system to my relationships to nutrition. I am feeling well, my stress levels are down, and my relationship with my husband is better. Every time I meet with Laura, I walk away feeling I have received tremendous value. 


Laura's multi-faceted training and understanding of genetics, physiology and health give her a remarkable ability to explain complex biological puzzles with terrific clarity. 

And just as important, she takes the time to explain things fully, answer questions, and work through solutions together. I have now made some big changes in my diet, one at a time, and 6 months in the results have been excellent- both subjectively (how I feel) and objectively (what the follow-up tests actually show). Laura provides the most grounded, scientifically three-dimensional health and wellness support I could ever hope for. I wish the conventional medical establishment could provide a fraction of this level of holistic and integrative care. I am really grateful I found Laura. 

"Laura Indigo is a secret treasure. If you really want to change your diet and be well, she will make it possible, holding your hand every step of the way."

➤ ➤

Monina V, Chilmark, MA

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