I'm a Functional Nutrition Practitioner & Self-Advocacy Coach specializing in Lyme & chronic conditions who will find the missing pieces of your health puzzle, connect the dots, and support you to take charge of your health

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Meet Laura Indigo! 

Laura Indigo is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner & Self-Advocacy Coach.

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to struggle through your student, work or parenting lives when you're secretly suffering with fatigue, digestive issues, anxiety, difficulty focusing, brain fog and a myriad of other issues due to terrain imbalances from Lyme & chronic conditions. Growing up with Lyme & associated chronic conditions compromised my gut, hormones & neurology, so I learned through experience how to take charge of my own health to find diet & lifestyle solutions to be pain-free, active, working, and happily engaged with my family & community. 

I have dedicated my life to learning & implementing food & lifestyle strategies that make a HUGE difference in people's lives. By addressing HIDDEN stressors, balancing the gut, supporting the immune system, hormones & nervous system, you set the stage for a balanced life- with more peaceful sleep, better all day energy and more focused presence with your friends, kids or partner- giving you high quality time with the people you love. 

It All Started When...

I was a teenager growing up on Martha's Vineyard & had unexplained fatigue, severe headaches, bloating & brain fog from undiagnosed Lyme. One of my Cambridge doctors suggested I decrease symptoms through diet, so I discovered my anti-inflammatory food plan through trial & error over many years, by tuning into my body & noticing how I felt. I went from pain and fogginess to total clarity and energy, depending on what I ate. From this I discovered the incredible power we have over our own health with diet & lifestyle. 

But even with this powerful tool, I had symptoms that popped up as I aged, with the hormonal changes of perimenopause & menopause, thyroid changes, gum health, fatigue, bloating, anxiety, detoxification & methylation issues- yikes! I knew I needed to understand more about digestive & hormone health to turn this around. 

But Then Everything Changed...

I got trained as a Functional Nutritional Therapist, where I learned how to prioritize action steps, to know what systems to address first and how to utilize anti-inflammatory foods & holistic lifestyle choices to improve health. My training as a Restorative Wellness Practitioner taught me how to use functional testing & assessments to discover healing opportunities in digestive, hormonal wellness, autoimmunity & toxins, and how to make a clear plan to address these issues holistically. And my training as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner has helped me deeply integrate all this and more with 5 next level foundational tests and a simple model that's easy to understand, to uncover and address HIDDEN stressors and utilize a DRESS protocol that's easy to explain and act upon.  

What a huge turnaround! 

As I understood my body more, I learned I went into these hormonal changes with disadvantages: 

- from stress, raising a teenager & lack of sleep, being self-employed, having had extended antibiotics, and aging parents who needed more of my attention & support. 

All very important - but I could have done this SO much faster & more easily with a Functional Nutrition Coach to guide me! 

I was able to turn my symptoms around, and now I have solid energy, healthy thyroid, sharp cognitive function, sleep through the night, healthy gums, and know how to work with my genes to improve detoxification & optimize my health. 

 Now I'm able To...

Support you in your journey to wellness, with a true understanding of what it takes to walk the talk. 

It can be a difficult journey on your own, and you can save much time & money by having a trusted Guide help you get there faster & more effectively. 

Learn from my mistakes! Instead of taking a whole lifetime to learn, you could have this information distilled & personalized for you to implement in just a few months. 

If you have bloating, brain fog, fatigue, sleep issues, anxiety, weight gain or just feel sluggish and want to feel like yourself again, please reach out to discover what's possible. 

Never before in history have we had such a possibility for quick action to get healthier- from virtual appointments to easy screening tests you can do at home, plus the education you need to understand how the body works- it's mind-blowing! I've got you covered to optimize your wellness now more than ever before. Take advantage of this!

Thank you for being with me on this journey to health.  


I've been a professional in holistic health for over 25 years

From Bodywork & Massage to Functional Nutrition, I have a rich history of working with clients

I grew up on Martha's Vineyard

I understand the importance of personal connection and knowing the clients I work with well

I play the flute

My history of practicing for hours and hours and going to Oberlin Conservatory taught me discipline, and trained my brain to focus on what's important 

I teach mindfulness & meditation 

I used to teach public school children how to focus and self-calm with self-compassion. Now I teach adults. Great tools for healing!

I love music, dancing and hiking!

From swing to jazz to salsa and classical, I enjoy dancing in the kitchen as I cook, and hiking outdoors. 

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