I help high-achieving women address hormone imbalances- like insomnia, fatigue, infertility, bloating, hot flashes and more- by balancing gut & hormone issues so you feel like yourself again!


It’s Time To Reduce Insomnia, Fatigue, Infertility, Bloating & Hot Flashes so you can Start Your Upward Spiral of Health Now!

My programs will get you from bloating to finally knowing what to eat, from insomnia to sleeping better through the night, from blood sugar ups and downs to more balanced energy throughout your day, and from infertility & toxins in your home to a less toxic life, so you reduce inflammation, think more clearly and feel like yourself again. All of these together & more rebalance your hormones! Our minds & bodies are interconnected, so through a somatic  approach we honor our experiences & heal holistically. 

My Core Pillars Include: 

1) Functional Assessments & Testing

2) Nutrition & Mindset

3) Mind-Body Stress Management & Sleep

4) Gut Health

5) Hormone & Immune Support

6) Detox Your Body 


Together we review your case for 60-90 minutes to create a complete picture of your health & wellness so far, to piece together what brought you here. Then we decide on next steps in working together. You prepare for this call by completing intake forms & questionnaires, and I prepare by pouring over the information you provide for several hours before you arrive, so I can use the information you provide to connect the dots & be your health detective! 

If you're feeling tired of trying to figure this out on your own & confused about next steps- schedule this call so you see what's possible! There are simple steps to turn this around. 

I coach clients 1:1 on Zoom and answer your quick questions between sessions when you join a program. 

Let this be your next clear step forward! Create a plan to move the needle in your health & wellness journey. I'm honored to be your Guide and show you the way. 


3-6 Month Program 1:1

Feeling like you want someone to hold your hand and show you the way? Step by step, I take you through functional assessments & testing, then create a plan meeting your bioindividual needs to reach your health & wellness goals.

We meet together twice a month to support implementation of your plan. We uncover HIDDEN stressors and create a DRESS protocol to help you figure out what to eat, how to get better rest, move your body, reduce stress and get the nutrition you need to have your body function at its best.

If you run into obstacles you need coaching to overcome- that's why I'm here! I support you in finding what you need to implement your plan, including setting priorities, additional resources, supportive emotional processing and positive mindset. You won't feel left to your own devices- I am here to coach you along the way so you get results. 

Allow yourself to commit to the vision you have of your health- and make it come true! I'm honored to be your Guide and show you the way.


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Laura tailors her work to the individual. 

I contacted Laura originally to improve my diet. My work with her was so much more. Laura draws on the many resources in her toolkit. She is patient, focused & disciplined. Rather than offering a standard or list of generic rules, she used the results of careful testing to guide her recommendations. I learned to match her commitment to this way of working. It paid off: I have more energy, better skin, better digestion, sleep better- and I lost a significant amount of weight. I am deeply grateful to Laura. 


Monina V, MA

If you really want to change your diet and be well, Laura will make it possible, holding your hand every step of the way. 

I came to Laura with severe neurological symptoms linked to my many bouts of Lyme. By working with her for over 3 months, my symptoms have disappeared & I feel infinitely better. She is highly knowledgeble, patient & kind. With infinite patience, she will guide you through the process- and actually make it fun. I highly recommend working with Laura if you are serious about your health, looking for alternative solutions, and want to learn more about how food affects your body. 


After taking the small but specific steps Laura gave me, I started to feel like my old self again!

When I first started working with Laura, I was very stressed & didn't feel well. Now I have more energy, am seeing blood pressure improvements, and I lost weight. Because of my history with Lyme and low thyroid, it can be difficult to know which steps to take to move forward. Laura's nutritional guidance & education about my body's systems is helping me understand what to do, and I'm continuing to feel better. 



If You're Tired Of:

  • Fertility Challenges
  • Bloating or Digestive Issues
  • Brain Fog or Not Thinking Clearly
  • Exhaustion, Fatigue, or Feeling Sluggish
  • Sleep Issues, Insomnia, Waking Up in the Middle of the Night
  • Anxiety or Weight Gain

Then let's change that! 

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"Laura provides the most grounded, scientifically three-dimensional health and wellness support I could ever hope for. I wish the conventional medical establishment could provide a fraction of this level of holistic and integrative care. I am really grateful I found Laura."

- CGM, Cambridge, MA



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